After completing your order from our store, there are two process. The Processing Days and Shipping Days.

Processing Days - This refers to the process of your order after ordering. Some of our products are made to order and is only made after the payment is received. It usually take 5-7 Days and this is the time we pack your order to make it safe and to proceed with the Shipping.

Shipping Days - After your order is being completed it will proceed to shipping. Please give 2-4 Weeks before the item is delivered to you. Sometimes it takes longer than that depends on the location where your order is being manufactured. Our products are being Manufactured is several Countries. Rest assured  that our relevant team will help you with your tracking of your order until you receive your specific order.


When your Order is already been shipped you will receive an email notification about your order along with a tracking code and how you can  track it. This would take days before you can receive the email notification. If after the item is shipped and you have not receive any email notification, rest assured that our relevant team is here to help you track your order until your order is receive by you. However, in some cases, we recommend to check with your postal service in case you haven’t been notified and if you are not able to receive your item please contact us at support@weargroove.com


After completing an Order and you decide to cancel it. We will give you 1 Working Day to be able to cancel your order. Made to order products after being completed will not be cancelled anymore so please be sure if your order is correct. 

Note: 30% Of the product price will be deducted in Order Cancellation.

In case you want to cancel or change your order please notify us as soon as possible. Our Team is willing to help you with the best of our ability. Send your email at support@weargroove.com



All of our Products are free of shipping. You will only need to pay the price that is given in our store. 


If you have anymore Questions related on our store or about our product and your order, please send us an email at support@weargroove.com and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Contact Us Button is on the bottom of our Store.